At Creative Fitness Ibiza, we do our best to have a timetable that suits everyone.

Creative Fitness Ibiza

There is no excuse for not moving

At Creative Fitness Ibzia, we offer you a unique experience that will transform your life. Our Pilates classes, Workouts, Yoga and other activities will help you strengthen your body, improve your flexibility and find a balance that will make you feel great. In addition, we have a variety of other classes and exercise programmes to suit your individual needs, whether you want to burn calories, gain strength or simply release stress.

Our highly trained instructors are here to guide you every step of the way on your journey to a stronger body and a calmer mind. In a welcoming and motivating environment, we’ll help you push your limits and reach your fitness goals – don’t wait any longer! Join our community, discover the power of a healthy body and experience the vitality you crave. We invite you to visit us and start this exciting adventure towards a stronger and healthier you.

Functional train

Monday and Wednesday

05:00pm y 07:10pm

Monday, Wednesday and Thursday


Tuesday and Thursday

09:25am, 06:05pm y 07:10pm

Mat Pilates

Monday and Wednesday




Tuesday and Thursday

10:30am, 05:00pm



Hatha-Vinyasa Yoga



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