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Functional training, suspension training, Mat Pilates, circuits… At Creative Fitness Ibiza, we love exercise.

Training Programs

Each of the trainings that are carried out are based on a studied training programme, oriented to achieve the expected result.

Personal trainings

Everyone is different. Not everyone enjoys exercising in a group or simply feels they need something more specific.

For those cases we highlight personal training from our entire catalogue. We have a team of highly qualified, attentive, friendly and very professional professionals.


It’s not all about working out indoors. Creative Fitness Ibiza is also a team of runners, who like to go out and enjoy the day and exercise outdoors.

Activities for all levels

It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out, or if you are already a professional. If necessary, we will adapt the exercises, so that they are challenging, but not painful.

Entrenamiento funcional
Functional Training

Functional training is that training that we structure in a what (muscle activation), a how (joint movement) and a for what (objective or function). It is multidisciplinary and global exercises, a holistic approach.

Circuitos Creative Fitness Ibiza
Suspension training

We transfer functional training and Mat Pilates to the suspension methodology for strength development.

Mat-Pilates Creative Fitness
Mat pilates

Known as the Pilates method, it is a series of repetitive exercises that strengthen the core and develop stability, for the improvement of the spine. Pilates is based on six principles: centre, concentration, control, precision, breathing and fluidity.

Circuitos Creative Fitness

Functional workstations.

Hatha-Vinyasa Yoga

In Hatha Vinyasa Yoga, a balance is sought between attention to posture and fluidity of movement. Sequences of asanas (postures) are performed with a smooth and conscious transition between them, synchronising the breath with each movement. This not only strengthens the body and increases flexibility, but also calms the mind and promotes awareness in the present moment.

Entrenamiento personal en ibiza
Personal training

Personal training is an approach that is fully tailored to your goals and needs. With the guidance of an expert trainer, you maximise your potential and get effective results. Whether it’s to lose weight, gain strength, improve your fitness or work on specific skills.

Running Creative Fitness Ibiza

At least one day a week, we go out to exercise in the sun. We are not just a group of people who run, but a team!

Yoga embarazadas Creative Fitness
Physical activity for pregnant women *

* Physical activity for pregnant women is an on-demand activity.

Volley playa. Creative fitness ibiza
Beach Volleyball *

* Beach Volleyball only takes place during the summer months.

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